Francis Ward Ep

by Francis Ward

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released June 1, 2013


tags: rock Fresno


all rights reserved


Francis Ward Fresno, California

With the wind in his face he proudly fled, with millions of word left unsaid. His life in the shadows and feelings ignored, ladies and gentlemen, this is Francis Ward.

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Track Name: Fragile Minds
You’ve got the missing words
That would make this all make sense
Believe it or not baby
That’s exactly what I meant
To take these feelings
And burn your thoughts
With the flame from your eyes
That we both lost

We’ve got this all under control
I might have lost my heart but I still have my soul

These dancing shoes are my own way
To show you how I feel
I built a bridge made of feelings
And attached it to your heart
Engulfed by our passion
We were swallowed by its flames
And you can stop the hurt
But you cant stop the pain

She becomes a selfish fragile mind
Track Name: Plateau
I tried so hard but you wouldn't let me in.
And i gave you my heart but you slowly destroyed it.
You were just afraid, afraid of what it meant.

You know what it meant, but all the lights were out in your heart.

Is it wrong to want to hurt by your hand?
And die by your side, in an unknown romance.
Track Name: While looking down
Let go from the cages of hell
Walking the only way they know how
They screamed innocence just as loud as their lungs
But their cries were slowly silenced by guns
No faith could ever bring back a life
49 bullets is all that they got

now that we’re looking down
and all the weak are in the ground
we’ll call it taking a stand
while we wash this blood off our hands

let hope trick the ones in need
let love be the false necessity
they screamed innocence just as loud as their lungs
but 49 bullets was all that they got
Track Name: O.C.D.
If we carried our hearts
All our arms would fall off
And if we locked them away
There’d be nothing but shame

But you still don’t believe
In anything that you see
You bend until you break
And you break
But this is the only way
To say that I care

If we saw with our eyes
Maybe we’d hear all our lies
And maybe we’d believe the truth
My life was buried with you
Track Name: April Skies
I'm covered in April Skies and I'm drowning inside your eyes.
You are the drug i need.
And your making myself believe that I cant move on.

You smile so bright, you shine like the sun.
And with each breath you pour beauty from your lungs.